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faro monte louroVilagarcía Port Authority manages navigation systems and aids in the Arousa ría and also the Muros-Noia ría. In total, there are 52 maritime signals under Vilagarcía port control, 7 lighthouses, 29 beacons and 11 buoys, plus three blind signals and two radio signals, situated in the Corrubedo lighthouse and the Rúa Island.

Apart from these navigation aids, in the aforementioned rías there are other maritime signals dependant on Galician Ports, which are intended for signalling the mussel platform o bateas sections in the ría and also docks of autonomous ownership.

The rugged coastline of the Arousa Ría and Muros-Noia Ría require a large number of navigation aids to guarantee safe navigation. Vilagarcía Port works towards modernization and placing value on its facilities, of which one of the principal developments recently undertaken was the incorporation of LED lights on all beacons and buoys, as well as various lighthouses under the port´s control.


Account of lighthouses, beacons and buoys under the authority of the Port ofVilagarcía

Buoyage plan


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