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January 2016-June 2016


The Port of Vilagarcía has ended the first half of the year with more than 520,000 tonnes of handled goods. Approximately 310,000 of them belonged to general cargo category, which registered a 16.4% increase, thus contributing greatly to this year traffic balance.


All products in this category improved their 2015 results. It is worth highlighting the rise in aluminium (+24.4%) and chipboard (+18.8%). Pulp, frozen fish and wood, in spite of being less representative products of this category, were also high above last year figures. Regarding containerized goods, the number of TEUs handled from January to June was 16,560, +8.2% compared with the same period of 2015.


General cargo also gained significance in port traffic distribution. Approximately 6 out of 10 tons of cargo belonged to this category, the one with greater added-value. By the end of 2015, the percentage of general cargo among port global cargo was 51%.


In dry bulk category, there was a decrease of port traffic of nearly 31% from January to June, compared with last year figures: 2015 figure was 200,000 tonnes, and this year figure is 137,300 tonnes.


This drop has been due mainly to a decrease in grain traffic, whose figures have reduced by half. Notwithstanding, this is a product that experiences significant fluctuation throughout the year –as it is not received with fixed frequency- so it is still possible to partly compensate this difference until the end of the year.


With respect to liquid bulk, from January to June there has been a percentage increase of 61% compared to 2015, which allowed to attain again figures similar to those registered in 2014. Total cargo in this category was 73,437 tonnes.


This upturn in liquid bulk figures is greatly a consequence of Aceites Abril facilities coming into operation. This oil company, based in Ourense, receives regularly by ship oil for human consumption. Total oil handled in the port of Vilagarcía by this company in the first half of the year was almost 28,000 tonnes.


Overall, increase in port traffics from January to June –compared with 2015 same period- was 1.83%.


Year 2015

The Port of Vilagarcía finished year 2015 with 1,024,894 tonnes of handled goods, a rise of 4.23% compared with year 2014, which had finished with a total figure of 983,092 tonnes.

Mainly two reasons are behind these good results. On the one hand, the consolidation of the general cargo traffic, which achieves its second best result in its historic serie, only 8,000 tonnes lower than last year’s record. For the second time in port history, it was achieved and surpassed the figure of 500,000 tonnes of general cargo in a year. Total figure in this category was 526,563. Roughly half of this cargo movement corresponds to the container traffic in the regular line that connects the port of Vilagarcía with Bilbao, Lisbon and Canary Islands, and which is operated by Boluda Company.

Also in general cargo category stand out the results of chipboard and aluminium, two products highly representative among this port’s traffics: both established new annual records in 2015. Chipboard traffic increased 2% in 2015, up to more than 138,500 tonnes loaded in the year. This is the third time in this decade that chipboard traffic registers a new annual record. Aluminium registered a 15% increase compared with 2014 and, for the first time, finished with more than 100.000 tonnes of product unloaded in this port (namely, 103,656 t).

There was also a slight recovery of frozen fish movement, counting up 6,261 tonnes, which represents approximately a 40% increase compared with the previous year (this figure does not include frozen fish moved by container).

Second decisive factor in these results was the increase in dry cargo movement. In this category there were registered 403,439 tonnes of products, that is, an increase of almost 25% compared with 2014 (which ended with 323,047 tonnes of dry cargo). Grain movement exceded 240.000 tonnes, data unseen for a decade. Compared with 2014, there was a 37% increase in grain movement. Urea registered 92,534 last year (+10.5% compared with 2014), and cement –by pipe-, has for the second consecutive year, a rise in its figures by the end of the year, after several years of reductions. Phosphate, with 9,626 tonnes, almost doubled its 2014 figures.

In liquid bulk category, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of a new regular traffic: oil for human consumption. Although Aceites Abril facilities for the handling of oil got started functioning in 2015 last trimester, there were two unloading operations in this period which summed up to 8,025 tonnes of oil, enough to partly compensate other products decrease in this same category. Total figure for liquid bulk handling was 94,855 tonnes.

Total port traffic -1,024,857 tonnes- is better than the figures of the six previous years: since 2008, Vilagarcía Port anual traffic has only once exceeded a million tonnes (in 2012, 1,007,477 tonnes).

As for the passengers data, although the number of cruise calls was lower than in 2014, the ships were larger and with greater capacity, so the number of passengers was 15% larger than the previous year. Total number of passenger in 2015 was 1,190 people.Evolución del tráfico total


Tráfico 2011 por tipo de mercancía


Cargo 2014 2015 Variation % Variation Tm
 General cargo 534,385 526,563 -1.46 -7,823
 Dry bulk 323,047 403,439 24.89 80,392
 Liquid bulk 125,845 94,855 -24.63 -30,990
 Total 983,277 
4.23 41,579