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Year 2016

The Port of Vilagarcía finished year 2016 with more than 1.1 million tonnes of handled goods, a rise of 7.9% compared with year 2015. The greatest part of port traffic (600,000 tonnes) belonged to the general cargo category. This is a very significant increase compared with the former record of general cargo in the port of Vilagarcía, established in 2014 with 534,000 tonnes.

To achieve this remarkable result of 601,069 tonnes of general cargo in a year, the excellent results in two categories that greatly surpassed their former annual peak were paramount: aluminium (130,000 tonnes, +25% compared with 2015) and chipboard (170,000 tonnes, +23% compared with 2015). It is also noticeable the consolidation of container traffic in the regular line -operated by Boluda company- that connects the port of Vilagarcía with Bilbao, Lisbon and Canary Islands. Last year, this line handled 32,313 TEUs (+5.7% compared with previous year). All in all, the increase of general cargo traffic compared with 2015 was 14,1%.

With respect to liquid bulk, bad results registered in 2015 were reverted, so 2016 figures almost double 2015 figures. In this category, it is worth highlighting the strength of a new regular traffic: oil for human consumption. Nearly 63,000 tonnes of this product were unloaded in the facilities for the handling of oil that Aceites Abril has in the port of Vilagarcía. Total cargo in this category was 184,160 tonnes.

In dry bulk category, by the end of the year it was possible to compensate to a certain extent, but no completely, the decrease in traffic suffered earlier in 2016. The traffic in this category registered a 20.6% decrease, mainly due to a reduction in grain subcategory, which accounted 100,000 tonnes less than the year before (142,617 tonnes in 2016, 241,381 tonnes in 2015).

All other products in dry cargo category did not achieve either their 2015 figures, with the sole exception of those included in the denomination “other dry bulks”, which experienced a rise of 28,000 tonnes and surpassed the figure of 35,000 tonnes in year 2016. Total traffic in this category was 320,553 tonnes.

Global port traffic (adding up dry bulk, liquid bulk and general cargo categories) was 1,105,782 tonnes, that is, more than 80,000 tonnes over 2015 figures. This is the best result in port traffic since 2008, and it is less than 100,000 tonnes below the annual maximum of port traffic, which was establish in 2006.


Evolución del tráfico total


Tráfico 2011 por tipo de mercancía


Cargo 2015 2016 Variation % Variation Tm
 General cargo 526.563 601.069 14,14 74.506
 Dry bulk 403.439 320.553 -20,55 -82.886
 Liquid bulk 94.855 184.160 94,15 89.305
 Total 1.024.857