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Year 2017

Vilagarcía de Arousa Port Authority established in 2017 a new record in port traffic, reaching for the first time the figure of 1.2 million tonnes of handled goods (more precisely 1,201,760 t). The increase in port traffics in 2017, compared with 2016, was nearly 100,000 tonnes.

The 1.2 million tonnes handled last year has allowed the port of Vilagarcía to surpass –more than a decade later- its former annual record of port traffic in a year, which had been established in 2006, with 1,293,917 t.

In the comparison between the current and the former record, stands out the acute change in the contribution of each one of the three main categories in which port traffics are distributed: dry bulk, liquid bulk, and general cargo.

In 2006, more than half of the total handled goods belonged to the dry bulk category, whose amount was 613,257 t (51.4%), whereas liquid bulk where stood in second place, with 334,243 t (28%). General cargo, which is the type of goods with greater added value, only amounted back then 246,417 t (20.6%).

In the last decade, general cargo has achieved great importance in the Port of Vilagarcía: now it represents nearly half of the port traffic (48.9%); dry bulk are 35% of total traffic, and liquid bulk, 16.1%. From the total port traffic in 2017, 586,958 t belongs to the general cargo category; dry bulk registered 421,101 t and liquid bulk, 193,701 t.

In the comparison between 2016 and 2017 results, it has to be highlighted the increase in dry bulk category, with 100,000 tonnes of goods over the figures of previous year, which means a percentage increase of 31.4%. Also liquid bulk traffic improved its figures in 2017, with 9.500 tonnes more than those registered in 2016 (an increase of 5.2%). The most remarkable result was, notwithstanding, in general cargo category, where it was achieved the second best register in the port’s history, only 14,000 tonnes below its 2016 record.

As for the most remarkable products in each category, in general cargo the greatest percentage rise was in pulp traffic (+59.1%); total tonnes were nearly 12,000. In absolute numbers, a tendency that has been present during the last years still persists: containerized goods continue to be the most important product in quantitative terms not only in this general cargo category, but in the whole of port traffics. In 2017, it amounted to 34,502 TEUs (+6.8%), or 293.932 t. Chipboard and aluminium stands in second and third place with 150,000 and 120,000 tonnes, respectively.

In dry bulk category, most products had a highly positive evolution. Worthy of note is the increase in quartz, which rose to the third position by number of tonnes, with almost 82,600 tonnes in 2017. In 2016, quartz handled in the port of Vilagarcía had amounted to 35.423 tonnes, so the percentage increase has been 133%. Urea, with 87,511 tonnes (+3.6% compared with 2016) and grain, with 187,504 tonnes, nearly 45,000 tonnes over its 2016 figures (+31,4%) are in second and first position in this category.

Finally, in liquid bulk category stands out the increase in oil, which climbs to the first position by number of tonnes, surpassing methanol. Percentage increase in oil handling was 21.7%, and the total tonnes were slightly over 76,000.



Evolución del tráfico total


Tráfico 2011 por tipo de mercancía


Cargo 2017 2016 Variation % Variation Tm
 General cargo 586.958 601.069 -2,34 -14.110
 Dry bulk 421.101 320.553 31,36 100.548
 Liquid bulk 193.701 184.160 5,18 9.541
 Total 1.201.760  1.105.782 
8,67 95.979

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