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A fundamental tool for the Port´s competitiveness is the improvement of infrastructure, facilities and services. At the moment, Vilagarcía Port Authority centres its efforts on two proceedings, in the pursuit of short/medium term improved Port operating capacity.


 Ferrazo Dock Railway

The objective of this construction was the extension of the Vilagarcía Port railway line to Commercial, Comboa and Ferrazo docks.

The first phase of this construction works included the enlargement of port railway line from O Ramal dock to Comercial and Comboa dock. Their budget was 5 million euro, and they were approximately 80% financed by the European Cohesion Funds. Construction works -undertaken by the company COMSA- were finished in 2014's first quarter.

The second phase of Ferrazo Dock Railway also was financed through European Cohesion Funds. This works -finished by March 2016 and also carried out by COMSA- extended the port railway line to Ferrazo dock, providing a railway connection to the container terminal.

Thanks to this investment, all docks in Vilagarcía port dispose of their own railway connection, which highly benefit their operability and competitiveness and ensure an optimal ship-rail intermodality.

As well as widening the Port´s railway track, the construction provided an important renewal of diverse port spaces. These improvements have a special benefit to the Valle-Inclán street surroundings, given that the removal of the wall (which separates the port from the city) has been undertaken. This enabled the development of two driving lanes. Also, the project included new footpaths, cycle lanes and street fittings in all of the areas where it operated. This section is encompassed between the O Ramal roundabout and the port old water tank. The laying of the tracks was exclusively provided on Port authority property.




Bandera Unión Europea
"A way to build Europe"

This project, part-financed by European Cohesion Fund, is helping to reduce economic and social disparities among the citizens of the European Union.



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